September 18, 2018
October 7, 2018

The Real Beginning

Up to now; in this “battle to live with stage 4c prostate cancer” the pain seemed like a distant thing coming and going.  And really not too bothersome.  But I waited.  I followed all the directions except for addition physical exercise.  I currently walk ten to twenty thousand steps everyday.

But…now the wait is over.  A very localized pain started yesterday on the left side of the lower spine.  If I may?  In the muscle of the upper butt cheek.

Kept me awake for most of the rest period yesterday and today.  Now I am worn down tired.  Not really a good thing when considering health.  Everything else is working properly.  So much for the human description.  Now for the Godly side.

A miracle prayer is the only thing that will change these symptoms now.  Shall we talk about miracles?

I see them in nature everyday.  If you are like me, ask yourself how does (that) happen?  Even if you take everything for granted, there is always something that “baffles the mind.”  Admit it.  YES you can.  This is my baffling question today.

How do the animals know (in the thinking sense)? — when it is time to “pick up and head south for the Winter.”  Do they publish a (secret) sound?  Is it the direct pass down of daily tweeting and noise?  Or is the hand of God performing a miracle when “it is time?”

I ponder these and many more as my promised (C)ancer pain tells me …time is short.

This helps me.  First Book of John chapter one. I John 1:1-10