WHO do you SAY you are?
September 12, 2018
The Real Beginning
September 25, 2018


The DOUBLE STANDARD [DS] is alive and turning every dirty stone around and churning the muddy waters of life.

This BLOG will discuss the “double standard” we, as thinking humans, ALL

in our daily lives. I choose this topic today because of the glaring DS the <#MeToo> hashtag forces EVERYONE to expose. Not even politicians can wiggle their way out of the obvious DS that is thrust when the woman “comes forward” and remembers all the hurt and pain of non-Biblical courtship.

As one can see, there are many words for the same sexual advance (or kind word) (or warm touch) that “just has got out of hand.” I see the reaction on my Tweeter page from the thinking women. Here is my point. Here is some advice for the young man reading this BLOG. Act normal. It always includes being more polite regarding your interaction with a woman than saying the right words “to get her to like you.”

Now for the L5F definition of the DS.

The very thing, desire, want, and/or feeling that is obvious to you can be the exact opposite [thing,desire, want, and/or feeling] that was heard or seen by the “other person” or crowd.

Hear is my example. Recall now I freely admit I have the sinful nature of the DS.

“Please pass the white bread.”

…other person thinking; “why did he include the word -white,- it’s the only bread on the table
…me thinking; “why is it taking so long to pass the stupid bread”
…then both thinking; “ I wonder if he saw the MSM #fakenews piece on Black Lives Matter?”

…finally the bread is passed (with the look) …you know exactly what I am referring to; don’t you?

Get It?