The Real Beginning
September 25, 2018
October 28, 2018


This is BLOG time about the social media. The media that lets every cat, dog, elephant and donkey out of the bag. The media that gives me a chance to write about the “things most important to me.” The media that shows the ugly face of sin and the fight to stand proud as a Christian. The media that manipulates the narrative to take advantage of the meek, mild, and unassuming public. The media that finds a fault in someone and “takes it to the limit.”

To all. I say good job. You prove over and over again why I need a LORD and Savior Jesus (the Christ). You show me the “this is what demon-crazy looks like.” You help me understand that it is a blessing to pass on to the grave with “no string” and the dust with no earthly identity.

To the people I hold close. I say stand firm with me in the belief that “the best is YET to come.” Pray with me that we use our heads rather than our hands to fight for the good. Spread the truth like a fine oil on a wound. Repent of the lie both born into us at conception and the lie we live in the world we enjoy. Now …it sounds too preachy…so back to the reason for the day so long.

The day is long because our life has gathered it’s ugliness and once again shoved it down our throats. There is a list. It really doesn’t matter what it is. The list is dark and lonely. But the day is long and fruitful. I laughed the hardest in years during a yesterday outing. It included beer, wine, and spirits. But I stayed true to my conviction of “finally sober and alert” when driving the family home. We have pictures. We have a memory of a great long day.

The day was B-E-A-utiful.
Thank you for the great long day.