Daily DIGG 11JUL2017
July 11, 2017
July 12, 2017

Good Morning !!!

In my devotions, I ran across this quote…

“Be straightforward and honest about your true feelings. Rather be too rude than too smooth, too blunt than too kind. Rather say an unkind word that is true than one that is “nice” but in-genuine. You can always be sorry for an unkind word, but hypocrisy causes permanent harm.” Source: Daily Dig J. Heinrich Arnold

I’m still digesting it…ruminating. Think Bison, chewing…looking side to side, shaking it’s huge head.
Does this have a unique context ?

How many are willing to stand up under the harsh glare of “an unkind word speaking Truth” ? Likely too few. And perhaps then only if spoken by someone who we already know is ‘pained to have to say it’…. Someone who Loves Our Life more than their comfort.

How many will risk peace, comfort and perhaps employment by being “straightforward and honest about our true feelings” ?
I think even fewer… Perhaps only the valiant, willing to die for Truth….and honor.

Aren’t Our True Values being revealed in our speaking ?
Is it prudent to “speak the Truth (perhaps too rudely)” to those in Authority who may not take it well ?
Under what conditions are you willing to be ‘in-genuine’…..and at what cost ?
When is hypocrisy acceptable and tasty ?