Its Time to Talk Man-to-Man

This fishing trip is different.  The fish is us and the fisherman is The Holy Spirit of the one true God.  This God came to this planet as a man and suffered the fake news of the day from the church.  It was much stronger then and was in cahoots with the secular government.  That government was the Roman empire.  More on that later. This site exists for five BIG reasons and has only ONE BIG mission.  Before we get to the list and before you click away, ask yourself  ..."How did I get here and why do I want to stay?"
November 12, 2017

FINALLY. some real talk

The CN_N (infusion) machine has finally came to the table with some real news.  This post is NOT political.  I do not care how you voted […]

Upper Room

  • DAILY DIGG 10Nov2017
    Good Morning !!! For over 20 years, a group of men (seemingly never the same) have been meeting for Bible Study and Prayer; seeking Transformation and […]
  • DAILY DIGG 04Nov2017
    We will spend some time this month on the only questions in the history of man that were asked that really matter.  They mattered in 33AD.  […]
  • DAILY DIGG 31Oct2017
    Rich Mullins I think I would rather live on the verge of falling and let my security be in the all-sufficiency of the grace of God […]
  • DAILY DIGG 26Oct2017
    It is customary to blame secular science and anti-religious philosophy for the eclipse of religion in modern society. It would be more honest to blame religion […]
  • DAILY DIGG 23Oct2017
    Went to TV church this morning.  Truthfully it was the audio that pressed my heart to post the DIGG.  In a few sentences from now there […]

Wellness Road

  • Number SIX
    FINAL CHEMO TREATMENT #6 The word is now… WAIT. It seems as if the natural world has put me on hold to hear the result of […]
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    The title is misleading. This article deals with the fifth cycle of CHEMO treatment for prostate cancer not the five pillars of the site. A quick […]
  • WELLness 4U
    Fourth CHEMO cycle Review This is a prostate cancer update. It is in outline form for easy reading. The fourth cycle takes twelve weeks to complete. […]

Keep Me Current

    I have a sign out front that refers to (a warning shot). When the sign was purchased, there was humor in the air. No one was […]
  • Technology Morals TRUTH
    Watched the Falcon 9 launch this morning. The mission has deployed ten more Iridium satellites. That would be the technology portion of today’s current posting. If […]
  • Christian G_d at work
    I sat down at the computer this morning thinking “I have nothing to contribute today.  I feel depressed.  I lied to my wife about the condition […]

Make Me Think

  • FINALLY. some real talk
    The CN_N (infusion) machine has finally came to the table with some real news.  This post is NOT political.  I do not care how you voted […]
  • Sounds of TOO GOOD
    This BLOG time is about “the sales pitch.” Everyone and everything is for sale. In America we have college degrees that teach this art. It’s called […]
  • THINK on important matters
    I bring to you today the current thinking in the tank that preserves the document that sealed our fate in the united states of America. Look […]
    In America, to be free, consider the old adage, “sticks n’ stones may break my bones BUT words will never hurt me.” I live where a […]
  • Here we are again. THINKING
    I needed to choose this morning. Shall I talk about the prostate cancer? Shall I dialog about the times? It took from 3am to 7am to […]