February 17, 2019
February 26, 2019


A favorite song of mime is “The Sound of Silence.”  The man who sings the version, I like the most, is David Draiman, lead singer, Disturbed.  He may have a slight Brooklyn accent?  His life story “rocks on” with the best of them.  Here are some questions.  Why did he decide to sing the Simon and Garfunkel song?  Did someone put him up to the task?  Did it flow from some other work of the band?  There are a couple of lines in the song that inspired this BLOG on words.

The news is awash with foolish words these past few days…isn’t it?  One wonders about people who listen and do not hear and talk with no real words (in a complete thought).  This neon god in the song sure seems to be getting it’s way with conversation.  Then out of the blue…a California Senator finally…finally put some critical thinking skills to work.  AND.  As expected her crowd didn’t even hear what she said.  Here is the link of the exchange.  OMG the Chicago Tribune might be a light in darkness?

The biggest thought is this.  The CHILDREN have been (brainwashed)  convinced that our planet “is in failure mode.”

Then the smart, under-age 16 year old (XX) thinks she has a complete thought regarding the way “plans work” when I will venture a guess she doesn’t even make the bed in the morning.

Senator Feinstein.  Thank you for restoring (some faith) in the institution of adult thought.

I never thought I would say that?

I really liked the “gaggle of students” sentence that introduces the VID.

Now for the question on (wondering words).  Who gave the publically funded middle school staff permission to go to Feinstein’s office with a “politically charged letter?”