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July 3, 2017
July 7, 2017

Wisconsin MILK

In 1884, the first milk bottle was invented in New York state.  So, from the VERY RICH Egyptians to the New Yorkers ,dairy milk made the way to the NEW WORLD.  I grew up in dairy country.  There were cows in every pasture and and heifers in every barn.  My Uncle moved on a dairy farm when I was young.  We would help him with Summer haying and in the Winter, we shaved the cows of their hair.  Mostly to keep them clean in the stall, I remember the clippers was heavy and need to be oiled.  Here  we go to 2017… and the manufactured myth that almonds produce milk.  Is there no shame with this lads and lasses educated in marketing.  They even spent money on this non-sense to convince us (people) that …if it’s white…then it’s milk.  Just like the lies put to package, almond milk is marketed as better milk.  Please tell me.  Will the dairy State say something?  Nah.  Too chicken to fight.  And even those feathered creatures have been made into something that clucks, lays, and butchers like a chicken…but can not survive in the green earth of God’s creation.  Are we really starving?  Or is it the marketers that make this stuff up to find  market for a nut that grows nicely in the desert but can not produce ONE DROP of “opaque white fluid rich in fat and protein.”  Can we at least try a different name for the substance?  How about KLIM?  (milk backwards)