September 10, 2018
September 18, 2018

WHO do you SAY you are?

Good Morning !!!

Yesterday, from a Facebook friend, reminding her Facebook followers and friends of who we are in Christ….and who the evil one isn’t.
“Here’s what’s true:
The enemy can’t take your value, your voice, or your choice to follow Jesus.
He can’t diminish your worth, your calling, or your influence.
He can’t separate you from God’s love, he can’t take away God’s promises, and can’t stand that you’re so dear to the Father’s heart.

In due time, he will get what is coming to him. So for now, stand strong, believe, and give thanks to the God who made you, trains you, and intends to use you beyond your wildest dreams.

Look to Him tonight!” – Susie L.

So who do You Say you are ?

Are you Sarai…or Sarah ? The woman married to Abram or the woman awaiting God’s Fulfillment of Promise married to Abraham…

Are you Jacob or Israel ? The ‘heal grabber’ or the declared recipient of the Blessing from Isaac…
Are you sinner or Saint ? The man or woman under the curse or The Redeemed by the Blood of the Perfect Lamb…

Who do You Say that you are ?
Where do you Go to determine your identity ?
When will you Believe God and Declare Yourself to be Who He says You are…
Stand in Who Christ has Called You to Be.

Are you like the spies whose names escape almost everyone’s memory…or like Joshua and Caleb who Believed God and Repeated what God Promised concerning conquest…

How do you view the circumstances that seem to be overwhelming across the ravine in front of you ?

In David’s time, he saw that it was a small thing for God…
Are they a small thing for You in Christ ?

Or are your eyes and ears still listening to the taunts of giants that mock God, but can be slain by a childlike Faith and a few stones ?

Things to think about when we meditate, speak to One Another and pray…
Praying for you.