December 21, 2018
January 23, 2019


  First things first. This is a BLOG about the “good fight” within our soul. This is a time for adult thinking and childlike faith. This is a place where “only YOU know” where you are.

The (trackers) now advertise on the television they have OVER 10 billion records on file for human’s DNA. They want your DNA “for all the good reasons” of family and so you can find the “inner completion of your soul.” One DNA sample can construct a “pretty good” likeness of your face. One DNA sample can find you in a mass of humanity (maybe).

Great news has hit the place where I physically live. Jayme Closs is alive and has been returned to her home. This brave 13 year old girl (XX + DNA: using our new proper identifying mark) found a place within herself “to break free” and run for her life. And the person that “just happened” to be walking the dog and those minding their own business as an Americans? Well, they were at the right place. At the right time. In the right thinking for the good. They helped complete the FREEDOM run. Find the complete story online. It will be the news flash of the century for at least two or three more days.

Has anyone shortened her name to the initials? JC? JC. JC!

I can only hope. No… I can only mind my own business in this FREE nation that she finds her way back to a place where life is “at least bearable.” Where there is peace and safety for ALL the citizens who are living (legally) covered with the words of this CHRISTIAN nation. The document I refer to now is “The constitution of the united states of America.” And no other.

Now for the question. Where are you?

The first time this question was asked of a real human person was way back before the entire world had gone mad with fighting for a better place to live. It was right after the first sinful act against the Creator of the Universe (both the heavens and the earth). In Genesis chapter three at verse nine, the Creator wanted to know “where are you?” The question was for the first man of God created. There is enough material in those previous sentences for an entire book on the first Godly man versus the first natural man. But stay focused for just one more moment.

Where are you?

Why did the (all-knowing) God ask that question? Where else would the man be but the place he was living and caring for the garden? Who really wants to know the answer? Does it make any difference (in the big scene of things)?

I think? It was the best way to acknowledge that we are all FREE to do what we want; where we want to do it; in the place where we decide to do it. Really the ultimate FREEDOM of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Can you agree with that premise?

Now ask yourself. Why in all this world does the (authorities) or the (neighbor) or the (people living in peace next to you) need to know where you are…at all times? Think of all the identification paperwork you now have for anyone to track you down like a dog. THEN.

ASK YOUR? Why did Jayme Closs need 88 days to find her OWN way back home?