July 10, 2017
July 12, 2017


The cancer Doctor has scheduled a surgery for tomorrow and handed me the instructions to be followed.  I glanced at the paper as I handed it to my CARE GIVER for reading later.  We ended the visit with his nurse reminding me “make sure you read those instructions again before you go to bed tonight.”

The only part of the conversation I remember as we opened the door to leave the office was “only take the AMLODIPINE BESYLATE tablet, all the other pills can wait until after the surgery.”

My mind drifted to the procedure I needed to find out which pill is the Amlodipine.  I take five pills in the morning and they are in a dispensing box …so I take them at THE CORRECT TIME and in the correct order.  This may be a problem was my first thought because we are staying in a hotel six hours away from the pill containers.

Once back in the hotel, the first care managing “thing” we decided to do is identify that one pill.  Call home and have someone go into the house and answer the “pill ID thing” was my first idea.  We agreed to call the pharmacy were the pills were dispensed.

The conversation went like this… “this is (me) I need to identify the amlodipine pill, round or oval; (I was looking at the two pills remaining to decide upon in my hand) …OK how many miligrams, 10, the pill is oval.  Thanks you good bye.

WRONG.  WRONG.  WRONG.  It really bugged me the answer came to quickly.  This is a BIG pharmacy, nationwide as a matter of fact.  How does she know that on the top of her head?

The internet is a beautiful thing (at times).  The pill search engine CLEARLY IDENTIFIED the pill as round.   **Here is the site I used to ID the pill.

Draw your own conclusions.  Trusting?  Taking care of yourself? Following your gut reaction?  Whaaat?