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August 23, 2017
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August 26, 2017

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Fourth CHEMO cycle Review

This is a prostate cancer update. It is in outline form for easy reading. The fourth cycle takes twelve weeks to complete. The time/date stamp is …today Wednesday during the fourteenth week. From that please conclude that time has been gifted to me just like every other day I wake to fight on the path toward healing. Thank you for reading. It is important to me. Find some time to respond. We both might be surprised what comes of it.

It’s MAN-to-MAN time.

There are three sides in the healing process and four battlefield fronts. Think of this post in three dimensions and attacking with four armies.

Dimension ONE. The clinical drugs are working as planned. The numbers the Doctors use to measure progress are moving in the right direction at a faster pace than the normal population response. Think of this as receiving bigger than great news. Thank you for your prayers.

Dimension TWO. The body management tools used to control the side-effects of the clinical drugs have mitigated the work down to tolerating hot-flashes. My wife tells me they are not even close to the flashing time she experienced. This is good for one big reason. A little sweat every hour (or so) may feel good now that outside temperatures are falling down to into 50’s at night. It is the cycle that keeps me from resting properly.

Dimension THREE. The Lord God Almighty. He has worked a marvelous thing (as the song goes). Not only do I see my personal prayer life in action, I see the work of prayer in others who volunteer their time to pray for me. It is glorious and very evident that people care for each other. Note here worth saying. Turn OFF the news. MSM is a master of lies. We can think differently about how to approach our collective, but we can not deny the fact that we live in a Republic and the US constitution is still the piece of paper we all agreed to stand with and support.

Now onto the battlefield fronts.

Think of this as the square of cancer akin to the triangle of fire.

BREATHE. Fresh, clean air and the ability to go outside (for a minimum of two hours) and take deep and lasting breaths work to fight off the “clogging factor” of the drugs. Oxygenation and cleansing of the lungs are important enough to “stop everything and go.” The technique I use to focus on the amount of air entering and leaving the lungs is the “count up/down method.” Seven numbers taking in the air. Seven numbers holding the air in place. Seven numbers allowing the air to leave. Also…IN through the nose …OUT through the mouth.

WATER. Clean, fresh, clear. pH inside the numbers 7.2 to 8.5. Minimize the TDS. No chlorine, fluorine, or any other wonder chemical used to process the liquid by the public utility. If all those numbers are looking weird, than I suggest the use of the internet for research. I have found many different methods of refining, but none so great as the water coming from the artesian well located 22 miles north of our home. For now, it’s the only water I drink and cook. The best is yet to come.

SHELTER. Because of the need for resting at the worst possible time of day or night, this battle front becomes the focus of attention after 24 hours of struggling. My guidelines are simple. “Get away from all distractions and interruptions.” If that means renting a cabin or buying a camper or moving to the country, find a place to rest and reflect. It could even be a good time to open the Bible and start reading. Any castle is good. I recommend the book of Luke…dah?

FOOD. Most everything one reads or listens to regarding the public sells the food thing first when battling cancer. This battlefield is last on our list, but just as important. The list is collated based on time. Time is the most important factor when fighting a fire.  Waiting is not an option.  For example, minutes to breathe. Hours to find water. One day to find shelter. Three days to find good food. So the food thing can be planned. The food thing can be regulated more so than the first three battlefields. There are lists and recipes and preparations that give us our “good foods to eat” for the cancer battlefield. Think gut bacteria when making any choice for food items and the methods of cooking. There are many details in that thinking. Gut bacteria are the keys to the city of life.