DAILY DIGG 29Mar2018
March 29, 2018
Jumping to Conclusions
April 7, 2018


He is RISEN.  I like that phrase much more then (happy easter).  My spell check even wants me to capitalize the word ish-tar.  Nice of the pagan culture to reach out and touch “everything” we celebrate during the season beginning of Spring.  Most (civizations) knew this time as “the time of first-fruits.”  This is a time of the year we bring our first fruits to the altar of our heart now that (formal) sacrifice has been abolished.  For us who live north of the 45th latitude, that would mostly be maple sap and the products that follow.  (Not too much growing up here yet?)

And then there is this.  Read and come back after finishing the article.  Here is the link.

I am constantly working toward a (better) solution to my health and the mess that has been created by living this long.  Who knew that living to the age of 65 would be such a great accomplishment?  The battle lines have always been surrounded by a proper diet and “getting off my butt” and moving around outside.  For the young (snow-flakes) watch now carefully how a full day at the computer screen will never be a good substitute for some hard work that does not include a gym membership and more video.

He is RISEN. He has RISEN indeed.