August 2, 2018
August 13, 2018

TODAY’s Forecast

Been on a working, sleeping, eating and no time cycle.  You know the one where “everything must wait?”  May I start with this (non-verbal) tone?


I read the news.  I follow.  I tweet.  I may listen like men (usually do).  I talk on the phone.  But I never can remember me telling someone “they are not allowed to speak or write” like those people (over there).  The shame of a thousand grains of sand washing in the sea has be-fallen this time in the form of “me–myself–and I” censorship.  I have nothing to say to those who “tell it like it is” or could be IF AND ONLY IF you people let us be in charge of your thoughts.  But?

That is not the main focus in the forecasting message.  I have something for all of us who think and argue that “change is not coming to America.”  Recall the tone now and think THE BEST.  I remember as a kid growing up, I never thought I would see a day where magic and fairy dust would become something as real as the (weak nuclear force).  But it has.  Hasn’t it?  Here is one example for all of us to heed.

I attended a funeral for a seven year old child this week.  Please don’t say you are sorry for your loss or any other condolence.  It will not sink in.  The father of the child whispered in my ear “it doesn’t seem real, Rick.”  Now that is truth.  And that is the best yet to come for his NEW starting point.

I am a Navy pilot.  I see things in checklist form.  God has given me the grace to stay alive to BLOG to you now.  The church sucks.  Don’t believe me?  Read the news about the Willow Creek Community church.  Now a family of judging mega-tons forcing the Pastor AND all who follow in leadership after this to a world where fairy dust and magic are used to “make things right again.”  They jumped ship.  All of them.  And my only thoughts were to the Bible text about the whore getting stoned to death when Jesus walked by and “said a few words…that were CENSORED.”  The end of that story is death and RESURRECTION.  But back to the point of the best tone in this BLOG.

We (the) people do not send our best…only God does.  Get it?  When we judge each other, we find fault.  We find sin.  We find truth.  He sent His best with Hybels and the gang.  We are the ones who screwed the pooch.  Get it?

Here is the origin of these thoughts.  Go there if you are NOT SO PROUD.