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July 12, 2018
July 22, 2018


I waited to write this BLOG. My head is clouded with conflicting thoughts about the dialog in the news stream and the real life “things I am going through.”

But? I can not wait any longer. After listening to a TV (sermon) on St Paul’s thorn in the side, I could not sleep (in restful bliss) for two nights. And luckily I still have time to BLOG. And after conferring with a trusted source (pun intended), I can put it (what the beef is) down on paper (another pun in a digital world). This introduction is included because there is a (really) big thing being discussed about interNET algorithms that limit free and open speech regarding politics. OBTW my definition of politics…when there is no side, create one and then fight about it in public. Anyway? Back to the topic.

I have a book. The title on the cover is HEBRAIC ROOTS BIBLE, literal translation. On page 1460 Paul writes, in the second letter to the Corinthians, a couple of words about “a thorn in the flesh.” It is worth the reading (for sure). Chapter twelve, if you care enough?

Now for the thorn. Allow me to set the context. The city of Corinth was San Fransisco “ON STEROIDS.” One may think when reading the news about our USA city that it has completely went to the dogs. And that is where politics consumes my thought process. But poop in the streets is not even the beginning of the conversation on depraved citizens and visitors of that (city on the bay). Paul is writing to those kind of people WHO by the grace of G_d have experienced a saving bright light of our Lord and Savior Jesus (the Christ).

The sermon wanted to promote a physical thorn. For example: a chronic disease or a birth defect or some sort of autoimmune thing. I tell you that, after a deep and through exam of the other writings of Paul, my guess is leaning toward a social defect. Something like I experience as sin in my life that “bugs me” that “carries me along” that “is who I really am” that “other people know me as.” I confess… it is a critical spirit. Wait. Can’t go there because it is (off topic).

The sermon’s main point was “God is waiting” to correct me. All I need to do is ask politely and in the proper prayerful attitude. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Or in the least, it is NOT how God has revealed Himself in my “literal translation.” First… and foremost Paul wants to discuss and confess to the Corinthians that he is a sinner saved by the God of the Universe and His plan set in motion at the beginning of time. Second… and listed second because of the writing restrictions, but no less important, is the fact that SIN IS SIN no matter how we sugar coat it.

THINK NOW. Stay current. Ask yourself…what is my thorn. The one thing I plead(ed) with God to remove and still He smiles and reminds me of the origin of the plan set into motion in the beginning…grace (by faith) is sufficient my son (or daughter). OBTW note to San Fransisco. There are two sexes “male and female He created them.” That’s in the literal translation also…just say’n BRO?