March 11, 2019
April 6, 2019


We were enjoying a dinner a few nights ago with family when the “politics thang” came up and a discussion about (everything) started to boil harder than the pasta. Here are my take away thoughts.

0. The tongue speaks before the brain thinks it through.
1. The discussion was not Christ-like.
2. The motives were all misunderstood.
3. The feelings of hate are in all of us…all the time.
4. The reasonable person can not make any sense of any of this without a Christ-centered life.
5. The conversation only started because Trump was elected President.
6. The young people see this discussion (acting out) as not American.
7. Freedom is being restored in America.

A. Feelings will be hurt.

B. No one, not any real, legal, and assimilated American will choose a side with a convicted heart until an elected Federal position (man or woman) is put to death for treason.

C. Television is used for entertainment ONLY.

D. My wife and children will be protected by me; no matter what happens next.

Any discussion, besides the idle talk of the weather and the price of milk, needs two sides to be healthy and productive. This BLOG serves the male who thinks and acts (out) like a real man.
Just because your thoughts are unclean and full of sin does not make us move to the other side of the cross. I recall the Bible saying “It is finished” referring to (what). What is the (it)? Help me with a root study of Gospels.
Matthew expounds upon the mockery and total disregard for who is on that cross in front of them.

Mark writes about the tempting of the Christ “to come down” in a great miracle fashion.

Luke puts down details of the conversation with the two other men and the utter reliance on a Savior sent from the Creator of “the heavens and the earth” to make everything right again.

John puts the period at the end of the BIG question. John tells us this man who I called friend said “it is finished.” John takes away the completed story in his heart with a conviction of life in Christ alone. John wrote for me the hope I have for America and all the conversations that will follow when I finally need the courage to wait patiently for my final day in a world of sin and a life with the Only One Creator Triune God forever.

Get it? RLW