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August 17, 2017
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August 20, 2017

Thinking Sacrifice


RU going to live that long?

That question is the root of sacrifice. It is where the word gets the nourishment and the water to survive. It plants the word in the firmest of foundations.

Here is a VID that uses the word SACRIFICE relating it to the reporting of news and the work that goes into putting the content up for our viewing pleasure. I call the BULLSHIT FLAG.

Here is a picture of the word used on a memorial soon to be torn down by the foolishness of local government. Has anyone raised the question of “Who is paying for all this work?” And who is going to reimburse the public for the destruction of it’s history?

Here is a thought…my thought on this word that has become “common place” in our churches, our public forum, and our private lives. First I say NOT so common. The connection between the sacrifice and the person doing the sacrificing is a Godly moral connection. Now compare the picture above with the spoken word in the VID.

YEP the reference is to the one true God of the universe. The God that created “the heavens and the earth.” The God that views sacrifice as living ever since the final sin sacrifice was raised from the dead. The God that views a sacrifice as the thing to do when one is taking action to save others…not himself…herself…itself. The God that views a sacrifice no longer as an act of workmanship, but as an act of worship.

So when I hear someone blurt out the word sacrifice, when I see the word sacrifice on a plaque, when I tune in waiting for a good thought on sacrifice…I think first…