DAILY DIGG 31Jan2018
January 31, 2018
SKIN Health, page two
February 4, 2018

Think YOU can Think?

Grinding to a halt. Surfing the world wide monitoring system [WWMS] today it shall come down to a few words and the request to think before you tweet.

First tell everyone…jump to our TWITTER page for a daily voice of reasonable thought and a few pieces of trash. Which; by-the-way is taken out for collection every Wednesday.

The projects on the page are:
1. Upgrade the beer brewing system with some temperature controls. Thanks Rob.

2. Register for medicare. Now inside the window of paperwork and more paperwork and more [ I can’t find that ]. CU tomorrow.

3. Starting date for some serious weight control. It is the second day in the Ground Hog’s loop? Any man should be able to identify with that sentence. I have “just another diet system” to follow since rigorous exercise is NOT happening.

4. Get into the Health Ranger’s private email as a friend of good food and following seas.

5. Find the find of all finds. It may include the Bible?

Now?    I “think” it very hard to ignore the news coming out of the nations capital these days. I continue to think the way I always thought I thought. But Ron Paul does have some good points about the SOTUS from the POTUS reaching out to the DEM and GOP elected legal citizens. There is so much in that previous rant that I dare not even start. It may boil to politics for the empty, but for the American who spent time defending this land with a miserable one life, I can assure you there is no honor in a one world (anything) outside of Christ.

Then?    I have a few thinking (s) about what will fill my time as a retiree. I mentioned to my wife today that I will not sit around and wait to go to coffee with the boys. Maybe something with my hot button issues. Re-cycling. Soil science and restoration. CRYPTO- currency lectures for the masses. Or? Something simple like mowing grass.