November 4, 2018
November 13, 2018


…and you ain’t Him. just say’n brother.

This is a BLOG about the feeling of surprise. I recall (from another life) I had the worst time describing anything “but generic feelings.” The people around me kindly expressed this generic thing to me as surface feelings. Everyone was so helpful? But when I thought about feeling (something) anything, that emotional gift was adrift in my head as like a weak nuclear force that had no real life. The reason? The men I call my peer group did not work with feelings. A checklist. A report of “on target.” A piece of paper that recorded the mark of an (A) or the (OK_underlined) was much more in my life journey than “feelings.”

Now don’t go stupid on me. I have always experienced feelings in a very normal way. With my wife. When playing with the children. When winning a close card game. When hearing the formal news that starts out like this “Rick…I have…” There is NO FEELING of surprise that comes close to what I am about to share in this BLOG.

If you (the reader) have been keeping up with the postings, then read on, my friend, read on. If you have not, then “go for it” on the [WELLNESS ROAD] starting with page four (4). Read forward to this posting. It will all come together nicely for you. It will help discover the motivation and the thinking and, as always, it is a good checklist to follow.

Tensions are high. I cooperate with he Doctor. I trust him. I can see that Doctor talking and explaining the diagnosis like a pro. The God thing in living color; not so much. Here comes the surprise.

The creator of the only know universe started with a perfect work. Flawless in every way. Then death happened and everything we know from that point forward and is from that perspective. It could not have went the other way. i.e.. starting with something and then dying our way to perfection. Think about that surprise feeling for a moment and come with me to the Doctor’s office.

He walks into the room. The first sentence is, “The bone scan came back negative.”

“OK, not good,” as I leaned back against the wall and felt nothing but “how is this dying thing going to play out” I always joked about going out in a big ball of jet fuel flame, throwing hell upon the enemy. Not as an inch by inch painful experience.

Surprise! Negative means positive. Nothing to talk about with the bone scan.
SURPRISE! Think C61 Adenocarcinoma of prostate not progressing to the next inch.

Perfect answer to the many prayers I have been blessed with in the past few days.
Perfect God…and you ain’t Him.

Reference Psalms 144.  Surprise! …click on the speaker and let the man read the text aloud.  There will be joy.