October 28, 2018
November 11, 2018


I interrupted a friend the other day with “wishing time would pass… is a study in clinical psychology.”

So here is my un-educated opinion on that very timely subject. Suggestion? Play this song (in the background) as you read the remaining part of this BLOG.

When I was ten, I wanted to be 12. First time in the woods hunting with my dad.
When I was 15, I wanted to be 16. Obviously to drive around in the family car (legally for once).
When I was 17, I wanted to be 18. The time had come to leave the nest of “the overbearing” parents and get things started on my own.
When I was 22, I wished I had went to college full time instead of working half the year and school the other half. Good experience tho.
When I was 24, I wished again that time had stopped (or at least slowed down) so the rush to go to Aviation Officer Candidate School (AOCS 01-78), Pensacola, FL was easier on the body.
When I was 27, life was perfect. Navy wings. Fast and loud jets. Family; with three great girls growing up right in front of my eyes. And best of all…all the time in the world to improve the skill of “staying on the ball.”
When I was 44, I wanted to be the youngest PANAM World Airways Captain with nothing else on the schedule of time slipping into the future. The company went bankrupt. And so ended that time schedule. Now what? Couldn’t muster the strength to operate any other equipment other than a Clipper jet.

At 47 years of age the world changed me. The blue sky and the open spaces changed location. I was starting to be more concerned about others (than me, myself, and I) Do not rush to the wrong conclusion here. My family was ALWAYS cared for first. The God of the only universe known to mankind is still put high upon my worldly throne. The country that has been so good to me is the only country I serve.

Now, TODAY, it is time. The time has come to feel the end coming soon (unless God has something for me?) I am always a holdout for “THE BEST IS YET TO COME.” This weekend I made the decision to “go early” to the doctor appointment because of (well you know…needing help with the pain). Hard thing for me to muster, time wise. Difficult matter of timing the time when “all hell breaks loose.” Simple matter of “this is life” now get over it. Thinking of the children and grand-children takes the time into a slipping future that comes ONLY as a blessing. It’s a Romans 8:28 thing.

Don’t cha’ know then, HEY?