Christmas 2018
December 13, 2018
January 12, 2019


I started …and stopped this BLOG for two weeks. Sometimes? One paragraph. Then gone. Most of the time an outline in my head. One knows how that goes “…if there aren’t any notes.” I started with different titles. All seem faint and non-assuming. Nothing or anything I would read made the point I needed to make. I would ponder. But the passage of time took its toll. Can’t get it out of my head (as the song goes). So read on my brothers. You may discover a truth about yourself not even the best of friends knows about you.

I confess. The three sins that follow me around like white on rice are (and in order of annoyance)

Number ONE. LUST. Time with that serves to remind me of the recent #MEtoo going through social media these days.

Number TWO. SHARP TONGUE. Only the people close to me can relate to this sin. I (probably) never hold back a good jab on (stupid) or just plain lazy. I am sure the psyche(s) can be proud and will have “fun with this one.” NOTE: I have paid for counseling in years past.

Lastly. TEMPTING CHRIST. It has a Bible overtone. So maybe just a few words at the end of the BLOG.

Let me start by helping all of us “act like a man.”

And that my friends is the reason for the comment. Be brave. Don’t cry. Stand up for yourself. Treat her like a lady. Remember where you live. Your name is the only (some)thing no one can take away from you. Work hard. Play hard. Stare, if you must, but do NOT touch. Does any of that sound like a comment on your life? I was raised by men and a loving mother and I am the dad of four beautiful daughters. It’s a God thing (I think)? All of that (up there) is the formation of lust in the heart that does not play out very well (after the first touch). I speak from experience here. Do not fret. My life has been full and accomplished. I (for the 99.999 percent part) treat her like a lady AND above all stay polite to all strangers.

But LUST follows me with a whisper in my ear. It dreams of the (people things) I can not have and annoys me with “I told you so” at the end of almost every day. LUST is not healthy if allowed to manifest itself with the first …touch.

The tongue? It bothers me with “you have NO filter.” I know this because my wife gives me a lesson in the virtues of “holding the words.” She is very special in that way AND the only (human) person I listen to when it comes to those worldly things. Here is an example: I once told a student pilot “you should sell shoes, because you ain’t ever goin’ to fly this jet like a man.” Here is another: “What made you so stupid?” (Using the undertone of the voice and not those words specifically.) I know this is happening because no one talks to me for a couple of days after the incident.

And now? The tempting Christ thang. Here is the question. WHAT did the Christ (Jesus) say to those three fishermen so they dropped their nets (and all the revenue generating assets AND liabilities that went with the fish string) the instant the invitation to (follow me) was given?

Merry Christmas. The edit here adds “good secure work.” Think on that cold comment …like a man.  RLW