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June 15, 2018
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June 27, 2018

The current thick HEAD

I will not rest until this BLOG is (yuge-ly) public. I can not believe how “thick” my head is regarding the truth and those who seek it with me. I received my “Levitt Letter” today in the mail and as usual I read it cover-to-cover. I do not have permission to make any direct referrals or quotes, but I take liberties to help others decide what “to make of this publication.”

First. The thick head thing. The Bible says something about “do good to those who harm you and loving thine enemy.” There was a (letter to the editor) that was published in the July 2018 issue of the “Levitt Letter” that really knocked me against the wall. The reader wrote in (complaining) about the mission and the purpose of ZLM. The manager (Mark) defended the outreach with a kindly, but stern lesson in the (whole Gospel) and reminded G.S.(MI) that 47 years of work will not go up in smoke just because “you don’t get it.” Now for the thickness of my head. It starts with a question. How many times do I have to tell you? My parents used that question all the time raising us three boys. The answer is “until you completely and fully understand the seriousness of the unreasonable request made because “I love you more than life itself.” NOW THAT sounds like something Jesus (one-third of the Trinity) would say to me and the men that followed HIM around for three years watching and waiting for “the world to blow up.”

Second. The thicker head thing. Spending money without a plan (or budget) is one of Satan’s favorite depressing messages. It goes like this. You will never have enough. And if you get what you think is enough, you will spend your life defending it like the child that just heard the question; “How many times do I have to tell you?” The page that Mark, the ZLM Director, devoted to money sums up the world’s plan for money and the battle which we all face when earning (or stealing it) the money we spend for our stuff. GREAT JOB MARK. If I were a millionaire, you would “never need a page again explaining the need to downsize.” But …I am not so here goes with some advice. It the (the stuff) people offer when they think they have “no more money to give.”

Third.  The page brought tears to my eyes. The cartoon brings a giggle to me face. The brown highlighted part is the strongest, most manly words I have heard in “a very long time” from those who seek to pay the bills using other people’s money. God is on your side and the facing off to Satan as you did shows the rest of us how really great of a man you are. I can only wish for that kind of truth in my life because G_d made me with an engineering brain. And we (engineers) all know facts (specifically the ones that deal with gravity), “what goes up must come down.”

All in the required 500 word guideline for (the newly defined 70 year) attention span?

And …the BLOG of (Keep me Current) lives on.