November 13, 2018
RE-thinking the Numbers
December 1, 2018


In an effort to (Keep Current), I offer this short history lesson on banking in the united states of America and in keeping with the theme of “Making America Great Again,” I end this BLOG with a prayer (request).

The news could be full of the great story on a usury (interest) rate hike the FED is so predictable in raising during times of economic growth in the good ole’ USA. But it only gets a (mention) in the press and the social media platforms are ignoring this key to a closure of the year 2018.

Here is the best quote known on banking by the final straw, real Patriots of this new world founded on Christian principles and Christian law.

Then came the First Bank Charter for 20 years that ended in 1811. The War of 1812 followed the “mistake” and the invasion continued.

Not to be predicable or anything but the next 20 years and up to the Andrew Jackson Presidency was a banking hell in the USA. Not really need to say this (but) “…the LOVE of money is the root of ALL EVIL.” Often a misquoted Bible passage by the public school educated children. Here is the text taken off the interNET of vipers.

Then, when all of (or most) of the Congress was home enjoying time with family during the Christmas of 1913 on December 23rd, in a truly mocking vote, (they) figured out how to call a quorum and sign the FEDLAW into the hearts of “making America great again.”

Now. For those of us with nothing to do but “make sure the administrative legal process is pure,” I offer this disclaimer. Every thought word and deed came from reading, thinking, and paying attention with a heavy dose of “give a shit.” The inserts came from the interNET so easily obtained with a goo-gah-gah search. Type in anything to do with banking, money, fiat currency, and on-and-on. There you will find the history that is sure to destroy this great American Republic again.

Just like the Romans, “perfection is no barrier to change?”

Finally.  Check this guy’s  … (same) current thinking.


PLEASE PRAY (to the true God as you understand HIM) for the 45th President of our united states of America.