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July 29, 2017
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July 30, 2017

State the All-Fair

There is another MLM money making system “right over the horizon.”  So I get it.  Everyone (I know of) wants more money in America.  But really?  Why isn’t some of it enough?  Why do we need it all?  Where do we put once we get it?

These are all questions that float in my head like the money right now in the banking system.  And then there is that thing.  A business that creates money from transactions.  What we are talking about is a business that grants us permission to exchange money.  How did they become the middle-man in our system?

Now …I want to talk about respect.  You know…that thing we used to call kindness or courtesy or manners or just plain thinking about someone besides yourself for once.  Stay there and brood over that for the next second or two.  Respect is something I will not beg from someone to grant.  They must volunteer respect from their sense of gifting.  Whether coming from a good motive or not.

Last and always least is power.  I am talking about the human exercise of strength over another human.  Not physical.  Not mental.  Not emotional.  But all-surrounding totally engulfing can not avoid it power.  We all have seen this human.  It takes an introduction to approach this kind of power from a human who has (or thinks he/she/it has) the power just to introduce the introduction.

Here is my simplification of the facts.

  1.  YOU accumulate wealth.
  2. YOU earn respect.
  3. YOU steal power.

Think about what must happen internally to accumulate or earn or steal a system that does not recognize the unique nature of the human to begin with.  I think?  …everything will turn to chaos while we burn our neighborhood to the ground trying to start this new system.  I promote stick to the simple facts.   RLW