April 17, 2019
July 2, 2019


“Thou shall have NO other gods before me,” says the Lord God of the Universe. This was God’s first commandment written in stone.

Always a second one to follow? The second commandment instructs us to NOT worship any other god with an image above, below, or on the earth.

And finally, the third introductory commandment for us to is NOT to make the God of the universe a common name. Refer to Him as “just another god” or system or claim that He is the Lord of all the heavens and the earth (with your fingers crossed behind you).

Oh…I forgot the warning. My God is a jealous god. It pretty much means “don’t test me” in this sovereignty thing because I will remember the haters all the way up to the third and fourth generation but show mercy to those that love me and “keep my commandments.”

Praise be to God. He did show mercy to those of us that remembered. The third and fourth generations all the way up to the 21st century, He kept the promise in His warning. The Son of God descended upon the earth as a baby and grew up to save us from our… having other gods and… worshiping more gods and… making all the talk of God just normal conversation in the pool of gods to choose from in the united states of America and the world.

This thought came to me as I watched the Twitter feeds of people acting like there is no god to stand in front of and answer the question “what did you just do?”

Next? I could write about the acts of sin and the result of sin and the thinking about sin (and not knowing it is sin), but that would missing the point here.

This god is thee God who states clearly for all to see in the world around us and in the soul within us that because He is jealous and He created the whole place to begin with and because He said “I am the only sovereign King-of-Kings” you will answer that question in the world that (I AM) created.

Those are words that comfort me. But apparently to WIKIpedia and the other loud mouths in the public; they think this is foolish talk and most of all, a foolish thought when there are so many gods to choose from now in the 21st century. May I pick this one for “those peeps?”

The god of self.

There are those (peeps) that claim they have the best god to choose. There are those (peeps) that claim I can choose my own god. There are those (peeps) that say “ it really it doesn’t matter what I choose.”

So once again the world is in a pickle. What god shall become the god we answer to when He asks “what did you just do?” Here is my only answer and with the help of thee God I worship in love and truth and ALL hope: