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October 23, 2017
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October 26, 2017

Sounds of TOO GOOD

This BLOG time is about “the sales pitch.” Everyone and everything is for sale. In America we have college degrees that teach this art. It’s called that (an art) because using science to describe the sell is not accurate. The results are never the same over time and the sale always comes down to a person’s radical decision of YES or NO. So much for the introduction?

All sales start with three group dividers. They put us (the customer) into one of three groups. Jumping from one group to another will become the first sales decision. But in all sales, the first self-pitch is the salesman (or women) stuffing the box with customers that fit in one of the three boxes.

BOX ONE.        “You can NOT live without this (_______fill in the blank).”
BOX TWO.       “You are a member of this select group (_____fill in the exclusion).”
BOX THREE.  “You will be the next (______fill in the blank with any personal envy.)”

Using these three boxes, one can expand all sales techniques, all sales pitches, and all the sale closing methods. All three appeal to our sense of “need versus want.” The pitch plays the feeling of wanting against the practical part of need. Here is where books are written about the “sales relationship.”

Now for a breakdown of the most recent sales pitch “given to me” on one of the websites I follow regularly for many good (other) reasons. It (the pitch) started out with a secret about a plant and moved quickly to “the information is FREE.” The sacred plant now in box TWO will be known only to me if I supply my name and my “best email address.” I feel selected. Can’t wait to click forward and supply the information so I can move to the next box.

Now in box ONE the introduction VID explains the sacred plant supplies a 32 cure package for common sick words like cancer and chronic pain. I can not live without the information. Not thinking about the product, I click forward and once again say yes to allowing the salesman (or woman) to fill my INBOX with helpful guidelines to get to the next VID. In this case it is a seven series event starting on November 2nd. The wait time serves two purposes. For the sales force it builds the “select group” and provides the needed text in the pitch. Can you hear it? You have been selected out the the group to receive this exclusive FREE thing.

Finally. A move to box THREE. Interested in the next best health breakthrough found in the deep places of the unknown and brought into the light “just for you.” The public will notice the difference in you “right away.” But…you need to wait until November 2nd and OBTW here is our email example to invite friends and family. The undertone message becomes…(Please do this for us because the SPAM thing costs us money and besides we need to build trust in our relationship.)

Now for my advice (the sales pitch). If it sounds TOO GOOD to be true…it may be a sales pitch. And the pitch may end up with the customer spending money for a (everyone and/or everything) instead of fulfilling the need. I recommend find your need as the customer, then go find the salesman (or woman) who sells that stuff. In that way, the customer has become the salesman (or woman). It’s a relationship of trusted necessity. Or you can “do without.”

YES or NO.