DAILY DIGG 05Aug2017
August 5, 2017
DAILY DIGG 08Aug2017
August 8, 2017


There are steps in the sickness process.  No one wakes up one day and discovers there is cancer in the body.  There are always SOME signals.  Any person that is awake and listening to his/her/its body knows that something is happening to the flesh.  This step is called FREE medical care…DENIAL.

As the steps in the process march along in time (see The Big Five), more information knocks us over our denying head.  Most of the time this comes to us in the form of a question(s).  Why am I always tired?  Why do I feel hungry all the time?  Why is my skin so dry?  What is the problem with my constant pain in the leg?  The problem is …the changes are illusive.  They mix with our daily lives.  But the “gut” feeling there is something “not right” is poking at our denying side with MORE and MORE questions with no answers.  The heart attack symptoms are my perfect example.  That is reserved for another day’s post.

The MOST phase comes with the first visit to the Doctor.  Western medicine and everything we know dictates this visit is “the right thing to do.”  Go see a Doctor.  On the surface of the first visit there is a trust in “the system” of thinking that seeks to talk to the expert.  The problem now festers from the SOME part of denial directly into the Doctor MOST office.  The pour out begins.  Now because of the internet the Doctor is ALWAYS IN THE OFFICE.  Here is a website that claims that juice and self-exam is your reset button.  As you can imagine, there are millions of these things and billions of dollars to support the visit to the Doctor’s office that MOST of us will always have the privilege to schedule.

THE FACT IS …YOU KNEW IT FIRST…YOU DENIED IT LIKE ALL OF US DO.  Change your thinking and fight it like the blazing fire it has become.  Take charge.  Grab a fire hose.  Give a command.  Pray for guidance and wisdom.  Follow your instincts and throw dirt on the fire and start wailing like your life depends on it.  RLW