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March 1, 2018
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March 4, 2018

SLEEP DETOX nutrition

FIVE DAYS before the big follow up to my CHEMO treatment, here is the state of my wellness.

The FIVE most prevalent symptoms/best guess:

  1.  Consistently awake at 3am to 3:25am / highly toxic liver
  2.  Large appetite / body responding to energy imbalance
  3.  Local muscle pinch or frozen feeling / drink more naturally pure water
  4. Anxiety about the cancer treatment / read Bible
  5.  Anxiety about the prescribed medicine interfering with natural tablets / research the side effects and inter-reactions

There you have it. My wellness life in five easy to read bullet points.  But there is more to this post.  Welcome to the <big-boy> club.  Western medicine has a need to quantify then categorize then attack.  That requirement is satisfied nicely above.  But what is the human rub during this period of “wait and see?”

First this post offers NO conclusions.  Only a deeper understanding of the nature of this illness called prostate cancer.  Aggressive as a Gleason score of nine can offer, I can hang onto this one thought with the fingers of panic.  And not one being that panic-stricken kind-of guy, my mind wonders from joy to concern to research to analysis to western medical thinking…then back to concern.  Caught in the loop of wheels turning and going no where FAST, here is my conclusion.