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February 3, 2018
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February 9, 2018

SKIN Health, page two

Went to the sauna today. It was the fourth trip.  The cycle of hot and cool lasted for one hour and 12 minutes. Recall the thesis written on the January 5th BLOG stating that force is required to activate the skin to normal. The goal of our sauna trips is to bring the skin back to life. Here are the details.

  1.  The cycle time varies. But at least try to stay in the heat for ten minutes. Fifteen minutes is the maximum time for the heat. Followed by a cool water shower. Splash on the water. Standing under the shockingly cool water serves houseful purpose. Except, of course, to show off your greatness of manliness.
  2. I found that rubbing and slapping the skin may help open the pores. Who knows for sure? It does however draw unnecessary attention.
    If you have an active and nervous body. This is important. Slow breathing is a must. Try to limit intake and exhaust to five times per minute. It is best to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.
  3. Watch and listen to the body respond to the heat. Dizzy is NOT a good thing. Move slowly out of the heat and into the cool shower water. Sit out for at least five minutes.
  4. O.K. Here is the review.

a) time in the heat—-10 to 15 minutes.
b) time in the cool —- maximum 5 minutes
c) dizzy is NOT good —- get out of the heat and cool down
d) breathe slowly —- try for five breathes per minute


The skin is the largest organ in the body. One of the first affects of CHEMO is hair loss. No one discusses the pores of the skin. They suffer melt-down and stop functioning as a body temperature controller.

The skin is the first indicator of poor CHEMO recovery. Skin spots. Rashes. Itching. Burning. Filling with fluid and limiting movement. The sauna is our best tool fighting to recover the function of temperature control. Vigorous exercise is NOT an option. Hurts too much. Plus running, jumping and generally playing increases the chances of fracture due to insufficient vitamin D. One of the minerals that “go away” during CHEMO.

The skin is the easiest organ to exercise. Washing. Sweating. Stretching. And you can see results. Recall that all the cells in the skin are replaced every third days. Or that is what the medical people tell me (on the internet). HA

NOW.  Read the fineprint of no medical advice.  IM not a doctor.  I do not have any special knowledge.  I claim nothing now or in the future.  Play your “gee ain’t it aweful” with someone else.  This is a report of findings only.  Enjoy.