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December 17, 2017
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December 28, 2017


My wife and I go to TV church because…well?… before I get to the reason(s) may I bend your ear about the world’s plan for money and what the God of the universe has to say and what His son Jesus, the Christ demonstrated while walking on the planet in the flesh about money?

Church people who talk about giving are church people that have all the the comforts of (their church) home. The example comes in the form of a question. Can anyone reading this post show me (anything) published by the truly poor  guy (or woman) asking for money? Even the now popular micro-funding sites have a sponsored effort when it comes to raising money for the widows and orphans. The most recent is here. OBTW I donated to this rising of a soul, so don’t judge.

Church people who read about the “love of money” understand the exchange media as a physical asset when it is, in reality, a life-giving resource given to us by our God. In america this resource has been entirely consumed and is now being controlled with a debt system called the Mandrake mechanism. At the local level, when using cash (or the FRN) to purchase goods and services, the resource has become a promise of trust written on fancy paper. The trust agreement is between the people and the FRB. Want proof? Try using hand-written notes to buy your next automobile. Use fancy paper and make sure it includes a picture of your king.

The real reason the wife and I can not attend the modern church gathering is money has become the center of worship. Don’t believe me? Think now about the pressure you feel “to give” when showing up at the big building with cool a name or the name of a person (saint?) that has been dead for a long time. This major distraction keeps us from true worship and praise and we have chosen to flee from the entertainment event called Sunday worship.

Now; if you made it this far, I have good news for you. Church is people. Public worship is free (still in america if you have the right permits). Think 501-c3. The permit exception is for muslims. They can drop and worship their god without permit and without a public notice. Here is the most recent VID of this freedom now restricted for a Christ-follower.

The wrap of this “sermon on the amount” is some pretty paper and a blue ribbon of hope. When Jesus, the Christ walked on the planet, He worshipped in private, He praised His Father in public, He ministered one-on-one. One of the BIG changes (of hearts and minds) by the Christ was a “reset” of the place. The place has now become each of us and our daily (holy) giving…no longer a building, or the ark of the covenant, or a monument of stones and gold to pay for with money. The resource is our heart’s desire. The exchange media is our giving of our time or a forfeit of our treasure or the gift of our talent (trade).

Worship freely. Pay for it daily. Seek a Godly result and your prayer may become the Christmas gift of a life-time.