CANCER the complicated way
January 28, 2019
February 11, 2019


The snow is melting and the outline of the pond covered with last week’s snow storm, a view from my cancer camp window, has reminded me of how we cover our sins with HIS grace and mercy. (Rev 12:11) Read between the lines?   THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

It is “resting” day.  The day I will spend in the laundry, at the grocery store, and in the room reading my Bible.  Today?  John 16 is the target.  Generally this chapter talks about the road ahead and the (stones) to plant in the garden.  More on this (stone thing) later.

What strikes me, as nothing else can in this life, is the down-right truth that Jesus starts with in the chapter and the follow up for the first twelve verses.  A modern movie quote may help?  “You can’t handle the truth.”

When there is a stone in the field, the plow avoids it.  Goes around it.  We try to move it by hand, then in utter exhaustion, we get help.  The tractor.  Another hand to lift the thing.  Maybe even a track-hoe.  A BIG one for a big stone.  All of this to uncover that stone and lift it out of the dirt and move it to a place out of the way.  There is a pond out there, in my view, and it is outlined with the stones of the field, from which they came, that has a better purpose.  That has a new showing.  That uncovered a truth about our Sovereign God that is now restated in the chapter of a Bible I have read many times before and will re-read many times in the future.  The truth is?  God’s ways are not our ways.

The chaos in the world that seems to grip our heart is not in God’s plan for us who claim Christian as a title on our living resume’.  Borders.  Games.  Attacks.  Abortion.  And?  Generally the destruction of our western civilized thinking that life matters…no matter what comes to the door of many colors ready to force their way into the house.  For me?  The cancer camp and the VERY SMART people helping me to move that stone out of the way and outline the pond.  The time has come “to ask.”

My list is long.  Too long for this BLOG and not the reason I typed the first sentence.  The reason?

The hour has come for you to believe.  The covering snow has melted and the stone of your faith has come into view.  The questions have been answered.  The only question remaining?  Is the stone in the right place OR do you need the really big track-hoe?

THE BEST IS YET TO COME.  You/we/us/they/them can count on it.