November 20, 2018
Christmas 2018
December 13, 2018

RE-thinking the Numbers

Let’s begin by saying “the Lord is King above ALL Kings.” Even the one you are thinking of now.

There; begins the BLOG today on the six major, all-kinda-knowing, lies being so quietly put into our young people’s heads in the world we live and called the good ole’ USA. Here is a list of all six. The BLOG is a personal experience with goal six. Read on my friend, read on.


1. AGENDA 21 now renamed Agenda 2030 since “they lost the election.”

2. The world is massively overpopulated and something must be done.

3. The FREE market system is unsustainable, unfair and must be stopped in order to sustain life on the planet.

4. Cheap energy is the enemy of the earth.

5. Common core is for the education of humanity and NOT solely indoctrination of ONE WORLD government system.

6. Sustainable medicine will improve health and death panels.


Make NO mistake there is evil living among us and it is ready for battle. But remember this VERY IMPORTANT Bible verse: John 18:37 (in context) “… I find NO guilt in Him.” There are many others that discuss the truth about what happened after that written quote in the Bible. Search and start thinking for yourself …today is the day of THE BEST is YET to COME. Now back to the choice of today’s BLOG. Sustainable medicine?

I find the two words in vogue with the treatments I am now receiving for the prostate cancer battle I am now fighting. The many different fronts of this battle always point to sustainable or (put nicely by the medical staff) “to prolong life.” Don’t go stupid on me now. I enjoy better than great health care and the means to pay for it. Thanks to people who may not even know they are helping in the most positive of ways. But here is the rub and prayer request for the man who is reading this BLOG.

Sustainable does NOT mean cured. Did you know there is a cure for cancer and it will never be published in the main-stream thinking machine? The best answer I can come up for that question is “it is not profitable.” Want proof? I heard (and it was repeated) a medical staff member tell me that cancer “is competitive more now than ever.” It was in response to an inquiry about the changes we witnessed in the building and on the phone during our most recent visit…for treatment.

So the blah blah blah about “send me money to help cure cancer” is really a feel good tear on your heart to help me pay for the life I enjoy in the laboratory and home while chasing a dream that has already come true. Ask any conspirator you may know. “They are knocking us off one by one.” and waiting for the big day and the newest cancer sustainable treatment or cancer related illness due to (fill in the blank).

Think and pray for a revelation of truth regarding sustainable medicine. That is my request. Nice and simple for the “King of all Kings and the Lord of ALL Lords.”

Merry Christmas