Daily DIGG 15JUL2017
July 15, 2017
July 17, 2017

Push a Lawn mower

Do not listen to your emotions, nor your gut….they are liars.
Train yourself to take captive your thoughts and buffet your body.
Put to death self pity, it betrays…

Do not wait until someday to train yourself in Godliness.
Practice, Practice, Practice.
Today is the day…

When your emotions tell you this is your end…
When your body betrays you…
and they will.
Step into the disciplines you have seen in me and have been taught by your Father.
Pray Through and Do those first things you learned.
They will carry you past deceptions.

Do not determine your worth by how others value you…
Neither by money, nor by praise……not now, not someday.

Someday, you unfortunately may know most do not honor the elderly.
They dismiss, push aside, focus elsewhere
Many attempt to place you on a shelf.
And eventually it all goes back into The Box.

Remind yourself of Who You are in Christ…
Read & re-read Ephesians.
His Word and His Spirit within you are to be your Power.

Live as one dead to self, but Alive as a Sacrifice unto God. Romans 12
Drink daily and deeply of God’s Spirit….then overflow unto and into All Who are Thirsty !!!

If you do these things, you will remain as Majestic as The Cedar of Lebanon and as Welcome as Manna in the Wilderness. You will be like Refreshing Springs within a Strong Tower, gushing forth from the Rock.

Enjoy Your Youth (15) for it runs swiftly into Adulthood, Responsibilities and Greater Challenges.
Honor and Serve Your Father and Mother….God will reward you for your Obedience.

Love You, Dearly

Grandpa Marty