Help Me Think
June 21, 2017

Pick Two

A favorite dining business has a “pick two” menu and that seems like a good idea for this (keep me current) post today.

The first pick is “the future will be better tomorrow.”  I most certainly have a hope for the great future ahead.  A critical analysis of this prediction may seem “too big to grasp.”  But think on this antonym.  First know the word used refers to another word, I offer a phrase instead.  “The future is like a box of chocolates, pick first… then taste.”  You can always spit it out.

The second pick should be the first pick, but I listed it as second because (I could).  “We live in a free country that respects our rights.”  The last time I read the Declaration of Independence published in 1776; it still states that I have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (the happiness thing really means to own property).”  For every other right I am a volunteer when the authorities question or confront.  In a civil society, we need to commit to each as a whole and submit ourselves to the law and order of our state.  That does NOT mean that I go about in a fog and take myself and my family to a place of complete chaos.  Which seems to be the case of what is happening on the TV today with the paid acting crowd.  Don’t be fooled into submitting to the (foolish) speak.​