February 23, 2019
March 11, 2019


Someone told me once that we are but passengers on this journey of life.  What stuck out like a fog lite on a dark night was the discussion that followed about how the earth was our provisional place and we are waiting for the eternal rest promised in the Bible.  BLOG this?  Rest in conflict…  RIC not the usual RIP?

There are plenty of words, phrases and complete thoughts in the Bible about how to (handle) the conflict of… we are at “war with this world” thing.  Shall we go to the Upper Room and put some words to the page about this resting in conflict today?  It started when I recently read that “cancer is a blessing?”  Think about that conflict?  Ponder that place?  Rest in that glory?  Ask the hardest question you have for God… now, “Why me?”

Then there is the movie <Passengers>.  If you haven’t watched the movie, do it now and come back to the remaining thoughts written here in this BLOG.

Please tell me you watched the movie and are now back reading this last part of your trip as a passenger used as a metaphor for the journey of life.


 Let us dispense with a few points of view regarding how the physical laws of the universe and unseen truths of the same universe work together to provide something we all agree has been defined as reality.  Dreaming is put on hold.  The alternate realities of the imagination are on the table.  Weird and conflicted spiritual trips to the great unknown are all canceled due to bad universal alignment.

Now?  As a passenger the first and only starting point for the remaining thoughts are …something else is driving.  It is NOT you.  There is nothing to do but “enjoy the ride.”  Even if you boarded under duress, you are still here as a PASSENGER.

That is the conflict.  Now where do we find the rest needed to “enjoy the ride?”

As an engineer, it’s technical for me.  The randomness of the uncertain outcome is a mental game that consumes some time.  As a father, Grandfather, husband, and friend the feelings of (too many to list here) pass the time in a resting way not to be explained with words.  As a passenger, the fight to go to the driving seat and “take over the controls” has wore me out beyond exhaustion.  I need a moment of (rest) to live to fight another day.  No person I know can fight at maximum effort forever.  I am reminded of that great quote (from a movie); “stay down there now.”  As a thinking human with the Spirit of God that breathed a breath of life into my body (before I was born), resting now seems like a pretty nice option.  I always fall back on the fact this trip will end some day.  And?  It will be glorious because I need to get back to work.  That is the conflict.  That is the truth.  That is the part I hold onto during this journey.

As for all those questions about (how do I feel?)  It really doesn’t matter, does it?  I suggest a new greeting.

What are you looking forward to… today?