YOU never listen to ME
April 15, 2018
DAILY DIGG 24Apr2018
April 24, 2018


Did you notice the (small-s) at the end of the word; question?  I did that on purpose to illustrate the point that we do not have all the answers for now, BUT THE BEST IS YET TO COME.  Shall we get to five questions that stand and shout at us today?

  1.  What has gone wrong with our children that times have turned to cold blooded murder of policemen (and women)?
  2.  Why does the federal government think they are the only news these days?
  3.  How can I make a lasting difference for the good?
  4. Where is this great feeling of (the new prosperity) taking us?
  5. When will our acts of hate/love see the light of the new day?

I need to pick one for the Upper Room discussion and (BLOG).  And here it is.  There is a time reference in all the questions.  Looking in the past, I want to reflect upon the memories of the whatS, the whyS, the howS, the whereS and finally the whenS.  That question is “if you had to do it all over again, what would you change?)

Looking a my present life, I want all who read this BLOG to know that squaring off with death by the millimeter (as with cancer) seems to always turn inward to self.  I am ashamed of that and thank God for revealing this great truth to me late in my life.  I would not have listened when younger and probably rebelled just like the young people are doing today.  REALLY?  High school children walking out of class?  Every one of those kids should now face a truancy violation.  Where are the parents?  And why can’t they act (out) like a Biblical parent?

Feelings toward the future is like holding a hand full of water.  Only a small amount in the center of one palm will remain even after a careful and steady folding of both hands.  So is our future?  The part that remains after this present time will be faint portion of the answers to all those five questions.