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May 25, 2018
June 12, 2018

One More Sunday Night

The week begins at the TV. It is airing a program about the college FRAT houses gone rogue. Can’t really comment without getting way “out of line.”

So here is the current (and) wellness news that best represents the mission of this BLOG.

The recovery journey continues with a comment on “the air we breathe.” Started to use a sleep therapy device about two week ago. That is the reason for no postings for nearly three weeks. (like I need an excuse?) The site promotes a four point attack against prostate cancer RECOVERY. This is a thought on the air that we breathe.

I have always knew that good clean air and very deep breathing is important to rid the body of toxins and push oxygen to the far reaching ends of the skin and internal organs. I did not know the body has a built-in self-preservation (thing). Think of it as short circuiting the oxygen to any organ or body cell not able to wake up the sleeping part of the brain…and take the next breath.

There is even evidence to suggest that important enzymes and nutritional minerals are transferred when sleep is deep and relaxed. Some call this REM sleep. So; if the brain does not allow this sleep to occur, there will be bad things happening. So; if the muscles in the body move into a position that restricts a full and complete breathing cycle, there will be bad blood ending up in the cells and the muscles not able to move properly and re-oxygenate.

The first night on the machine was a glorious victory for my organs and a journey toward some complete healing. Maybe to start the CHEMO process again when the cancer gobbles up more and more valuable space in an otherwise normal cell reproduction and generation cycle. I may even start to believe some science that says “every cell in my body is replaced on a regular schedule.” Now that would be a proven great miracle from our Creator. I can only read the current journals on the experiments and be convinced with glorious prose that code the results.

NOW onto the gut bacteria sample and the results of the VIOME study. Go there now and read some cool [AI] stuff and the laboratory that is leveraging the healthy variety of real foods.

Until more comes out of this God given and glorious life in Christ, I leave you with this once again…