DAILY DIGG 24Sep2017
September 24, 2017
September 30, 2017

Number SIX


The word is now… WAIT.

It seems as if the natural world has put me on hold to hear the result of a clinical procedure looking down a road to destruction. The words scream to me “hold your breath” until some stranger says “O.K. breathe now.” Seems odd for sure? Always been a man in charge of my own (next thing). Except when talking to the KING of the Universe. We all know who that is right?…or do we?

“In the beginning G_d created the heavens and the(e) earth.” Again…a plural heavens and ONE earth. That is where I lived hating to be in charge of my (next thing). Then a “funny thing happened on the way to the market.” The King of the Universe commanded me to start reading a Bible verse from the lake of Luke 17:33. Go there now and find your wait time…your time to take the next breath…the next time you talk to that stranger.

December ONE, 2017. That is the day of the next exhaling breath from the world’s noise.  So from May 8th, the beginning of…the big announcement until now we have traveled the WELLNESS ROAD. See the pictures? Every Monday after CHEMO, a self-ee, is taken as the next picture and shows up on the page.  Every Monday the road to the lake has been the backdrop for the face of prostate cancer. A nice way to divert attention from the real question of “when to take the next breath.”

This site has always been about the need to focus on the one and only really big question asked by the one and only Savior of the world, the One Triune God and the only sinless man that showed up to ask the same question they asked in the beginning, “Do you love me?” It took the disciple (Peter) three times to finally come to a YES answer that meant something to both his friend Jesus and the others watching. The world heard my answer on February 14, 1981.  There is a story on this website about that first breath. The breath of life I am given tonight as I write this Wellness posting.

Think with me now.

If you have read to the end, it will be your time to breathe. May you find the strength to fight the noise of the world and hear a God-man knocking at your door. The door is a metaphor for the next breath you take. The door is a block in the wall of your stubborn thinking about who controls the (next thing). The door is the divider that helps us open the unseen and answer the bell so the people watching us can hear the answer.

Good fishing my friend. RLW