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August 23, 2017
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August 28, 2017

Now it’s OVER

WOW.  The solar eclipse was quite a show.  On TV.  On my home-made viewing device.  On the radio.  AND…on the internet.  Oh yes the internet and it’s great knowledge given to us from (censored) everyone.  All of the soups to nuts.  There is a pun in there somewhere?

I was in the path of 83% covered so the day darkened to about a typical storm cloud.  There was a break in the clouds “just in time” to view the crescent.

Now for the posting’s title.  I am a TV church goer.  That means the wife and I  stay home on Sunday and view one of the many blessings of worship on our internet fed TV.  And what a treat this Pastor had for us that was published on July 28th.  His name is Discover Ministries.  And boy oh boy does he have a solar eclipse VID.  Here is the link.  If you do not want to listen/watch the preachy Bible stuff just go to 25:00 and run the VID until 26:17.  One minute and seventeen seconds of some pretty cool timing of the universe and motion of the heavens.

And now as they say “the rest is history.”