January 24, 2018
DAILY DIGG 26Jan2018
January 26, 2018

Nice thinking FRIEND

Good Morning !!!

As I ready myself to go off to work this am, this prayer by C.F.B. seems fitting with what The Holy Spirit was speaking to me while I made my cup of Mocha…and fully awakened from contemplative prayer. Scripture records, in what seems to have been an early poem or song, “Jesus did not grasp his life tightly, but emptied himself out; laying it down”… Philippians 2:5-13

The Word calls us to follow in a similar pattern… I think, I think, we are to hold our lives lightly… have ‘open and unclenched’ hands if you will. Hands lifted up in Praise are open hands. Palms up, Guard down…submitted. It is then that the cares of the world fall out…and also things that possess us Fall Away.

Though it may not be comfortable for you…
Though it may not appeal to your sensitivities…
Though it may at first appear ‘showy or attention getting’, Focus Only Upon Him…
Close your eyes, humble yourself and let go of whatever you are grasping for dear life except Him.

Let It Go.
Bow your heart and head. Open Your Hands. Fill Your Mouth with Praise.

Our Lives, The Lives of Family and Friends, Our Possessions, They are all Gifts.
Treat them as such:
Precious and with Gracious Generosity, but do not hold them tightly, but as Christ treated His Own Life.

Thinking of You.
Praying for You.