February 3, 2019
February 17, 2019


Remember when this part of the world was called “the new world?”  Probably not? It was talked about that way during the 17th century in the advertising around Europe attempting to get “settlers” to sail the ocean to the newly formed “new world” in the land named America; after some mapmaker(s) discovered the land was NOT Asia.  So much history.  Now for the meat of this BLOG today.

I confess, I watched “Passengers” with Jennifer L .and Chris P. more than five times (but less than 100).  The marketing phrase the spaceship company used to get “settlers” was:

New World…Fresh Start…Room to Grow

It was all about money for both marketing groups.  It was about advertising adventure but somebody gets paid.  It was about expansion and dominance.  It was about playing with the inner man’s desires to make a difference for themselves but, in reality someone else was going to get rich.  It’s a pride thing?

Back to the BLOG.

All of this watching got me THINKING about “faith, love, and hope.”First on the list is “faith.”  A good definition of faith is: “the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen.”  Note?  Both describing words are nouns that can be used to quantify the new world.  The substance comes from a place of hope.  The evidence puts length, width, and depth to the part of this world that is not seen by our eyes but in our heart.  Lofty thoughts?  Helped me dream of the new world.  And after I finished trying to find some “great meaning” in the numbers used for crew and passengers, I found a new world right in front of my eyes.  In my school days this was creativity.  Maybe lost in the public system of “teach the test” of common core?

Next.  There is always a “love” story in a movie that has a (XY) and a (XX) on the screen acting out a plot to develop and a fresh start to encourage us to watch to the ending credits.  After all, there is money to be made here.  In this (love story) the bartender has the most to contribute.  “Live a little” he contends which just happens to really mean “live a life time.”  The between the lines (thing) here is one may think they have control of their life, but maybe not.  I like that part of this dream.  Our path is ours to take, but once the decision is made “life happens.”

Then finally, “hope.”  There is the element of hope few talk about and most deny.  We have hope for ourselves but very rarely do we hope for others.  It is the (substance) of how we get defined as hero.  It is the (evidence) of how others see us as human.  That even may include the animals (pets) we live with in our home.  Hope is what “hold us back” from a GREAT future because we settle for a good life.  When I decided to be a Navy pilot, there was no hope; only a goal and a vision of a future of flying planes off the carrier deck.  (Maybe) some save the world stuff too, but I won’t admit to that if pressed.

This is not a BLOG to survey the movie and certainly not a BLOG to convince you to change directions or plans you “may have made” so far.  I wrote today to remind us that thinking about some one else besides ourself is always a better path as a “Passenger.”