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August 20, 2017
Good Morning DIGG
August 23, 2017

Meeting his Maker

The news headlines

this morning is about a guy I saw on TV when I was young. His TV shows were great. The 24 hours of TV fun-music-announcements and raising money for MS was one of the shows and a time of laughter and sadness then laughter again. I sure hope the “smart people” used the money for good. I remember going to the city street corner and giving the coins I had saved that summer.

                                              Jerry Lewis dies at 91.

I once tried to stay awake the entire 24 hours. I can’t remember succeeding until an on-duty period during the Des Plains River flood of 1986. The river set a record and so did the Naval personnel I directed during the evacuation of a hospital. I think I remember 42 hours of work followed by two days of rest. We saved all the patients and staff. Not so much the building.

The obituary is here.

                                         This is the part that got my attention.

“Although he retained a preternaturally youthful appearance for many years, Mr. Lewis had a series of serious illnesses in his later life, including prostate cancer,

pulmonary fibrosis and two heart attacks. Drug treatments caused his weight to balloon alarmingly, though he recovered enough to continue performing well into the new millennium. He was appearing in one-man shows as recently as 2016.”

He was 91 years old. A very good and long life for a very good and loving man. CU soon my friend. RLW