February 16, 2018


Woke to music in my ear.  The TV describes this as “hearing Jesus speak to you.”  I see on my Twitter feed this morning the foolish […]
February 3, 2018

Think YOU can Think?

Grinding to a halt. Surfing the world wide monitoring system [WWMS] today it shall come down to a few words and the request to think before […]
January 25, 2018

Nice thinking FRIEND

Good Morning !!! As I ready myself to go off to work this am, this prayer by C.F.B. seems fitting with what The Holy Spirit was […]
January 18, 2018

DAILY DIGG 18Jan1935

Good for the Upper Room in 1935 and good NOW. Eberhard Arnold Isn’t the great world organization which names itself after Christ serving a god other […]
January 12, 2018

Church in a BOX

Good Morning !!! For over 20 years, I proclaimed Friday’s to be Special, not because it ushered in the weekend or Sabbath, not because it was […]