April 1, 2018
The CURRENT jump
April 7, 2018

Jumping to Conclusions

This “jumping to conclusions (JTC)” topic is wide open and can be taken down a (y)uge amount of paths.  First of which is the personal path of judgement.  And now to close that door for a moment, the personal path for me “is not open to fairness.”

I have been “racking my brain out” trying to DETOX from the CHEMO cycle of TAXOTERE.  Besides the noise of “being a cancer patient,” the pressure to “get well or recover or live life to its fullest or think this is the new normal or hang on or… blah blah blah” is huge.  My prayer life solves most of that anxiety and that is for another time.  But now.  This posting is about jumping to conclusions about my recovery from the administered drug, named TAXOTERE.

I have an VERY analyzing brain.  May even border on (weird).  I do prefer NERD.  The name sounds more technical.  I suck at people.  My brain thinks fast enough to answer most questions before the person is finished asking (so) as a result I speak out of turn quite often.  Going onto the next logical step in the conversation, I talk over the conversation unless I make a concerted effort to “stop talking.”  It’s a burden (thorn) that seems to be getting worse as I age.  So …about this jump to conclusions POST.

I am focusing on the “go into” and “comes otta” cycle of digesting my food and drink.  The experiment has taken a new twist and hence this comment.  I found that maple sap turns my “comes otta” soft and continuous.  Lucky for me.  I have strong and controllable sphincter muscles.  What has taken my attention to “this new level” is not the fact that I may be seeing a good result, but the whole notion of DETOX of both liquid and solid waste coming out of the CHEMO body.  I was only focusing on the liquid portion.  Mostly because of this clearly visible puffy look and the my weight gain.  Now at 64 pounds.  A LARGE JTC note here is that I have always thought that cancer patients loose weight to the point of dying in a weakened state of WOW.  But, the oncologist (that I trust completely at CTCA, Zion, IL) preaches that “everyone is different.”

Now for the next step in jumping to that (way too fast) conclusion.  Who among us has not had to defend a quick thought?  What person do you know you avoid because he/she/it “judges” you and “can’t stand the stress?”  What kinda of god enjoys our suffering the pain of cancer?  How long will it take for you to make the final decision regarding treatment?  How many (second guesses) will it take for you to act upon it and then stand and suffer that consequences?  So many questions to jump over without a fish to catch.

For the record here is the mixture I drink every time I “take my pills” always thinking about DETOXING and proper non-clinical treatments.

Prune juice, living clay, vitamin C, beet powder, and (added this week) maple sap.  The portions are priority knowledge.  The picture shows the manufacturer.  I claim nothing.  And please remember, I am a medical nobody just advocating for better cancer (after-care) and a disciple of the Christ.