Provocative DIGG 02Sep2017
September 2, 2017
DAILY DIGG 05Sep2017
September 5, 2017

Here we are again. THINKING

I needed to choose this morning.

Shall I talk about the prostate cancer?

Shall I dialog about the times?

It took from 3am to 7am to decide.

Here is the answer.


The first issue is the MSM. Somehow, in Beaumont, TX, the (urine)-ill-list working at a major broadcasting station found a woman to state on camera that “no one has come to help me (and the neighborhood). SAD. So sad that a plea of so many comes down to a negative image from MSM instead of an ADULT CONVERSATION ABOUT CLEANING UP AND RESTORING/USING WHAT RESOURCES THEY HAVE AT HAND.  OBTW.  Why didn’t he find a man to talk on his program snip?

Now that could be settled (in my mind only?), but on to more pressing work.


Here are nine PEGS that come from our Bible prophesy about the end times that help us see the face of God. THIS is NOT a dating of the times discussion. It serves as a step toward the door of faith for you and the guy next to you that can not find a place for any other thought besides about himself.


  1. Global travel and knowledge will increase. (ref DAN 12:4) Specific to the mentioning “a closed book” until the end times, this wonder of the world has revealed itself in a way that is undeniable. Prove it. Go right now online and make your airplane reservation to (anywhere) and come back to reading. Go right now and search for news on the “blockchain or AI” and find right now there is a Moore’s Law shift happening right now. Please come back and read more?
2. Global weather has a message in the heavens. (ref LUKE 21:11) Winter cold, Summer heat, water, wind, waves; go ahead and pick one. Wait 24 hours and see something reported “instantly” by the journalists.
3. Global Telephone, Messaging, and Transactions. (ref REV 11:12 & 17:8) The important parts of the two passages are the words “those dwelling on the earth.” That is the whole earth — at the same time. Sounds like instant video to me through a networked “cloud.” 4. Global Evangelism. (ref MATT 24:14) Heard of the 10-40 window? It’s a church-ee thing for the missionaries to map the globe and find all the people groups “not yet served” the Good news. We have the technology now to find and shout. Me? I prefer to —-just fish.
5. Global Pestilence. (ref HAB 3:5) The proper pronoun used is (Him). That would be Jesus THEE man starting in the desert toward a “new heaven and a new earth.” That means the something old is going away? FEAR NOT says the author of Matthew 24:22. Those days will be shortened “justly” for the Christ followers.  

6. Digital Money, credit devices, and transaction autonomy. (ref REV 13:16,17) All this technology is being embraced now by the implants, the hundreds of plastic cards that need a pruning to work together in harmony and always with great internal controls to prevent the bad guys from stealing and defrauding the poor consumers (AKA goyim) Here is the definition <>


7. Weapons of Mass Destruction. (ref MATT 24:21) Please go to the Bible reference and think about what is happening today in this world of great BIG weapons and the talk about using them like they are bowls of sugar to be passed at the dinner table.

8. Global Religion and the return of the Jews to Israel. (ref HOS 3:5) This Old Testament passage ends the sentence “in the ends of the days.” And this is one (of many) reasons that I or no man shall mark that day which the Lord God of the Universe shall return. Good. For me and my family because we have work to do and oil lamps to fill.
9. Global Desire for Peace and Religion. (ref check this link out and tell me now there is not a movement toward this (“everybody gets along theme”) <> My only question is; “What happens to evil when everybody agrees to play nice and live in peace without a loving God?”  just-say’n  RLW