Pick Two
June 21, 2017
Think Think Think
June 21, 2017

Help Me Think

There is a word we need to study in the United States of america.  Today and just for today click and listen to this word.  If you did not click, then all of this turns to jello.  Watch that jello wiggle as it is touched.  Smell the lime of it all.  See the jello melt as it sits at room temperature and turns into a liquid.  Now you have done it. Waited too long.  Let a small decision go tensely down the drain of life.  Now did you go back and click on that word?  I promise no tricks.  No computer (snow-den) thing.  No cookies, cake, or pie.

May we start at the beginning when this word is introduced into our life as a sport on the play ground.  The game is called kickball.  There are two teams and you are not the captain and you did not get picked first by either of the captains.  You stand there in your thoughts and wait.  The word finds a crack in your character.  It stands with you and starts the list.

I did not want to be picked first by him or her.

This is a silly game anyway; who invented it.

The grass is too wet.

I should be reading tomorrow’s assignment. How is this game teaching me any life skills?

Then the word matures and graduates into the adult world of work, play, wife, house, children, and on-and-on it goes.  The word gets educated and speaks for itself now.  The word sits beside you and tells the very people you love the most…

This is your fault and your going to take it like a man.

Why don’t you listen to me for once.

You could never stand up for yourself and today is no exception.

What were you thinking when you chose her?

Are you really so smart that you deserve all that money?