July 23, 2017
Daily DIGG 24JULY2017
July 24, 2017


This morning the (Black Pigeon Speaks).  Here is the link regarding his comment on our USA “food system poison” and the mass produced meat market.  LOOK, I live in the country NOT in the city.  I buy from my neighbors.  I hunt and gather.  I understand fully that city people need to go to the grocery store for food.  I know, full well, the marketing B.S. and the nice packaging the (food) industry shirt-n-tie crowd empowers its consumers with.  It’s all about the bottom line on their spreadsheets.  My best example for this is the chickens I raise and eat.  The store bought meat is white(r).  The store bought meat is mushy and easily chewed.  The store bought meat is packaged pretty and sold for cheaper…some times half the cost.  BUT…in the end when looking at this prostate cancer thing…IT HAS BECOME A FACTOR IN my questioning of  WHY?

OBTW………….If you can not stomach the rhetoric …go to (time…6:00) in the 8:34 VID and hear the part I just finished writing about.  Don’t want to hear the whole story…I can relate?