One More Sunday Night
June 3, 2018
NEW Day New Everything
June 15, 2018


Good Morning !!!

It’s a Good Day…because of His Promises.
It’s a Good Day…because His Spirit within us never fails to accomplish The Father’s Will.
It’s a Good Day…because I’m His. And so are you.

It’s a Good Day…because He Reigns and He has made me an Instrument of His Kingdom’s Purposes.

I’m sure you’ve noticed how hard change can be… Old habits die only with consistent, sustained efforts to replace them with new disciplined actions. I’ve repeatedly found that routines too often turn into ruts and ruts dead ends.

And, dead ends…well they leave me frustrated, tired and a bit confused. After all, this worked previously, why not now ? Perhaps, God is trying to remind me that I’ve drifted from absolute dependence upon Him…and I’ve begun to try to live on yesterday’s manna.

Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not downing historic spiritual disciplines, eternal principles or patterns. I’m merely trying to point out that things which seem to be no longer working might be a wake up call from the Holy Spirit.

I think, I think that it’s likely a call for us to return to the Spring for refreshment and restoration...Psalm 23 A Call from Christ who Loves Us and seeks our return to His Embrace…Song of Solomon.

Our Spiritual and Emotional Life in order to stay fresh must stay continually connected to the Source of our contentment and strength. We must rest. And if do not rest, we will grow weary and faint…become prey to the evil one …and unable to Adventure with Enthusiasm.

I’m still adjusting to Post [HIPA]. And yes, I’m impatient. I prefer life without a {HIPA}. I took for granted my mobility and strength. I took for granted my freedom both public and private.

This Change allowed by God for our good and according to His Purposes is no small thing. (pardon the pun) ……And it’s not just difficult for me… It has Greatly effected (my souse) and my Relationship.

So when you’re wondering and thinking about us.
Pray for a return to a non {HIPA} life.
Or for God to show us Why and How this is working together for Good.