DAILY DIGG 18Jan1935
January 18, 2018
Nice thinking FRIEND
January 25, 2018


Received a text from a friend. “…worrying about you.” It made me think of why I pay for this website and ask others to contribute. Here is what I came up with.

1.  The [Health Ranger] announces the rollout of a new cancer URL. On my bucket list? Meet this guy…soon. Conclusion? All the good intentions of others can not improve your daily good choices about health.

2.  Received my first dividend check from the ESOP I inherited yesterday. My first thought was to buy breakfast for all the Friday men’s Bible study group. If I am lucky it will be the entire amount of the payment. Then deduct it on the 2018 Trump tax form that is sure to be a defiant mess published by the IRS.

3.  The body is feeling like half-froze meat these days. It reminds me that I too suffer the effects of CHEMO and the chemicals that support the healing process. I wonder if diet changes all this now that I am two months away from clicking off 65 years. It has been a good ride interrupted by seconds of shear terror.

4.  I love it when people pass by me and comment “you’re lookin’ good.” It is a time of great concern and empathy. This empathy —-thing is “totally unfamiliar to me.” For some reason I was born with the attitude belief system that my time is always more important than yours. It makes me hard to be-a-friend. AND THAT is why friendship puts me in a place where no man has walked before. (A reference to the Star Trek mission?)

5.  Think big five now. I started this medical update with that number in mind. Up early this morning now because I know this was on the “things to do list.” It’s a God thing for the believer. It’s a fate thing for the rejector. It’s a health thing for this man with advanced-egressive prostate cancer. C4 by the medical paperwork. But as I have been known to promote…

“when this is all over, I get to go to heaven”