February 11, 2019
February 23, 2019


Yes.  Think of four boxes to choose from.  Just one.  There are two big ones and one small one.  Then that one box  in-bee-tween.  No tricks?  Each box has a (something) in it to discover, to recover, and/or  have for the first time.  No Pandora trick.  Think all good thoughts and in terms of a gift you have been waiting for…for a very long time.  The stage is set?  You now have twenty-four hours to pick.

Now for the BLOG and the time to decide which “main category” I have decided to stuff this box illustration AND life lesson into for today’s Luke five men’s fishing thinking.

In the upper room we focus on the word of God as written in the Bible.  Use any version you need to for your particular understanding that brings the words to life.  We rely on your deeper thinking to put into context the daily musings.  If context is important, we attempt to set the stage and invite you to perform.  As a private time or a public reading, this box is used for teaching and learning for preaching and feeling for leeching out the truths that shall “set you free.”

The wellness road is a time to share my personal journey as a cancer survivor and battle ridden soldier.  Not one to hide the pain, I enjoy writing prose that motivates others to move into joy and come to a place of peace when dealing with “the not normal health thing.”  Pictures?  Plans?  Prose?  Or if you are so inclined “the five (P’s)?  “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.”  Catchy little phrases for a very serious time in my life.  It most assuredly ends with…1 Corinthians 2:9.

Keep me current is a box of instant thoughts and opinions that I hold as “red lines” or “fuzzy logic.”  Most of the time…well…some of the time I can’t hold the thought inside.  It’s a brain overload thing of the mouth that spills into the mental sight picture like a bad dream.  Everyone wakes up from a bad dream;  sometimes in screaming horror and sometimes with a feeling of …WOW.  My wife teases me with comments about the syndrome of Asperger.  And…know this.  I do not or will ever take lightly to this clinically diagnosed condition.  Think of me as a man that spills the beans when it is mostly not appropriate.  I like to think of it as “you can’t handle the truth.”  It’s a man thing?

In the quiet times, when no interruptions are coming and no personal baggage needs to be taken out, the make me think box is opened.  All topics are on the table.  All Christian views are maintained as the foundation is poured when writing and posting to this box.  The time comes when the big questions cannot be avoided.  Thinking usually requires at least two sides.  If only one thought is explored, it is more opinion than it is a thinking (person, place or thing).  There is always a decision at the end of the thought and if that urge does not come to mind, then, we have failed in our mission to involve you in the discussion.  Thinking requires work.  Most of time it is brain work.

Now?  Which box did you choose?  Does it matter?  Is this more about the journey traveled?  Is the box you choose really the one you wanted or did someone else choose it for you?  If you put the decision off, think of that choice as receiving a helping hand from a real man with a real slap to the face pushing you back into the real world.