November 11, 2018
November 20, 2018


Good Morning !!!

This Morning, I read on the blog of a church master consultant these words: ‘When the church avoids difficult conversations, trust and commitment diminish…”

This inquiring mind, wants to know why does this seem true ? Why might it be true ?

To paraphrase a song: Silence may be golden, but the eyes still see…
(…and the mind wonders what else ?)

What really keeps us from Trust of and Commitment to One Another ?
Is it really just lack of knowledge and difficult conversation ?

I don’t think so.
I think it’s more a long long history of felt abandonment and resultant fear.
When the going gets really tough, most step away instead of stepping up and into the mess.

I think, most are afraid that if you really knew them, raw…unmasked and transparent, you too would reject them…
You too, in their dark hours of need would back away…as they inch by inch diminish and die.

We for the most part do not touch lepers…intentionally.
We do not draw close to those whose diseases and choices make us very uncomfortable…subconsciously.
We label them. We push them out of our little separated circle. We think ‘they’ are reaping what they’ve sown.
We become comfortable….at a distance. The tightness of our circle diminishes us. 

We habitually choose to leave the broken to themselves…we busily pass by on the other side of the road.
or Worse, we try to Embrace them on our own. (without the help of Community)

Our Unwillingness to leave our haven demonstrates much.

Such solitary attempts are doomed to certain failure.
We were never intended to act independently.
Self Sufficiency kills.
Self-Sufficiency is pride wrapped in grave clothes.

It takes far more than one hand or one arm to bring healing.

The African Proverb quoted by Hillary Clinton was right…
It does take a Village…to raise a child. …to heal …to brave our brokenness.

I’m convinced that It takes a Spirit Led Community of Faith Intentionally Obeying the Word of God…
Father God forgive us.

Repentance starts with One Family “Living Courageously Close” to Another…and then Another….
and Another over the long haul. All the while doing wound care…together.

No wonder the Word of God exhorts us to Be Strong and Courageous over 300 times.

This is The Kingdom of the Son of God…
This is the Disciple Making He has called us to do.

It is Revolutionary.